My name is Surya Chahar. I started Sikar Capital for one purpose: to find and buy a small business to operate and grow.

Over the past decade, I have been fortunate enough to work as a manager and leader in a variety of business settings to execute and deliver multi-million dollar programs and projects. These experiences range from managing software implementation projects and leading process improvement efforts to sourcing technical suppliers and negotiating contracts. My most recent role included leading teams of up to 40 members in 4 different countries and time zones, and coordinating project completion with up to 100 stakeholders.

I have access to liquid capital and, hence, won’t need to raise the funds from traditional investors. Being a sole decision-maker and having a letter of support from an SBA lender will allow me to close the deal on the right business much more swiftly. Together with the current owner, I aim to create a transition that preserves the business’s legacy and positions it for continued success.

If you’re an owner considering a transition or a broker representing such an owner, I’m eager to connect with you and learn about your business.